Month: July 2013

Hand On Heart Meditation

Is Meditation Good for the Heart?


“As the name suggests, Heart Center Meditation is an act of meditation with an emphasis on opening and healing the heart. Watch this short video to learn more about using your hands, mantra and awareness to focus energy on your heart, as demonstrated by Ann Marie Chiasson, M.D.

Dementia and self esteem

This is such a wonderful blog written by a truly inspirational woman, writer, mother, daughter. and much much more..!

self-esteemUnfortunately, I had low self esteem right into my thirties, like a dark cloud hanging out in the background of my subconscious. I was quite shy as a child, and always wanting approval as we rarely received positive feedback, no matter how well we did at something. My self esteem developed after many years of reading and attending motivational conferences and seminars, lots of self evaluation and reflection, in fact, a lot of hard work!

It did not come easily to me, and with broken relationships and the death of someone I had loved, it was often easier to ignore my own worth, and blame myself. I have delved deep into my subconscious, and many of my book shelves definitely look like the inside of an Adelaide self help bookshop called COPE!

My self esteem was soaring, not egotistically, but in a healthy way, and then along came dementia. The shame, stigma, discrimination and…

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